Ihenacho Emerge Eze-elect of Umuagha Autonomous Community

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On the auspicious day of December 14th, 2023, the vibrant community of Umuagha Autonomous Community in Mbaitoli Local Government Area convened in unison to formally introduce and present their esteemed Eze-elect, His Royal Highness Barrister Godfrey Ihenacho to the world. 

This significant event was marked by the presentation of the Eze-elect to Honorable Engr. Innocent Ikpamezie, the representative of Mbaitoli in the Imo State House of Assembly, and Honorable Hamilton Chinasa Opara, the esteemed Sole Administrator of Mbaitoli Local Government Area.

The jubilant ceremony unfolded in full splendor at the Local Government Headquarters located in Nwaorieubi. 

A multitude of Umuagha people, displaying unity and solidarity, gathered to introduce Eze Godfrey Ihenacho to Honorable Chinasa Opara, who stands as the Local Government's liaison with the State Government.

Honorable Opara conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for the community's discerning choice in presenting their new leader, effectively filling the void that had been left by the passing of the esteemed late Eze Alphious Chikezie.

In a resolute decision, the community bestowed their trust upon the accomplished legal luminary from the United States, Eze Godfrey Ihenacho. 

This act of faith was followed by a ceremonial journey from Nwaorieubi to Owerri, the capital of Imo State. 

It was there that they convened with Honorable Engr. Innocent Ikpamezie, who graciously extended a warm reception to Eze Ihenacho and the accompanying Umuagha delegation, graciously setting aside protocol to do so amid the ongoing Assembly session.

Eze Barrister Godfrey Ihenacho, deeply entrenched in the concerns and aspirations of Umuagha, reaffirmed his unswerving dedication to the community's prosperity. 

He passionately advocated for unity and tranquility to prevail across Umuagha and Imo State. 

His impactful initiatives, which included restoring electricity to the community after a prolonged period of darkness and providing essential aid during the COVID-19 lockdown, garnered unanimous acclaim and endorsement from the villagers. 

The people of Umuagha fervently insist that they desire a leader with a vision geared toward development and self-sufficiency, qualities as exemplified by Eze Ihenacho.

Beyond his tangible contributions, Eze Barrister Godfrey Ihenacho's unwavering commitment to community development and his profound social, moral, and religious influence resonated deeply within Umuagha. This resonance further fortified the villagers' unwavering resolve to unanimously elect him to lead Umuagha.

In his poignant address following the formal presentation, Eze Barrister Godfrey Ihenacho fervently advocated for unity and harmony, pledging his tireless efforts toward fostering progress and concord within Umuagha and Imo State. 

His dedication to the betterment of his community stood as a testament to his unwavering resolve and commitment to the welfare of Umuagha's people.


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